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When a guy stands with his legs shoulder width apart, bends over reaching one hand out between his legs while rubbing his meat pole. The goal is to let all of your blood rush to your head so when you go boom the rush is bigger.

However beware of the rover, as it comes closer to ignition, the legs get weak and you begin to rover.

Amateurs tend to reach for a door knob or a handle of sorts to brace themselves from the rover.
Dude had never been laid and was reliant on getting himself off, but was getting bored of just rubbing one out. He needed something new and wanted to go big. He had heard that strangling himself would create a bigger high, but was too scared he might end up killing himself so he decided to try the Bent Over Rover. DAMN, what a rush!
by bj_124_4eva May 08, 2010
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