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Benroll is a game you, and anyone else can play who is able bodied can play. You can play via. Text, call, verbally and any other way of communication. To play benroll simply tell a friend to “benroll” and if he or she is playing they have to roll. How you roll is forward, or sideways. The creator of the game, Ben Gelsvik originally had the type of roll in benroll as parkour roll, similar to a summersault only in a fluent motion. Other rolls include just flopping over a few times (usually girls play with those rolls)The rules of the game are as following

1. You can only benroll 3 people a day. If you tell someone to benroll, then tell someone else to benroll you have used two. If you tell one person to benroll 2 times you still have used two.

2. If you get benrolled… you must do it.

3. Even though every person can only benroll 3 people… you can be benrolled as many time as people tell you to.
"man, its been a long day..."
"oh... well im sorry... benroll"
"DAMN YOU" (roll)
"hahaha OUCH! why did you hit me?"
by zeak213 April 28, 2010
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