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Angophone surname that describes a short person. Usually from the South of England. Today 67% of the people with the name Bennewith live in United Kingdom, 13% in Canada, another 13% live in the USA and 7% in South Africa.
According to popular studies a Bennewith is around 5 ft. tall. A Bennewith that is over 5 ft. is very rare.
Bennewiths are often known to be loud. They do enjoy an occasional drink and are very fun to have around. A Bennewith is a very intelligent person that may use alcohol to try to understand less intelligent people or chavs. Bennewiths, especially the British ones, have trouble talking to the above mentioned chavs, because the latter usually finds it difficult to understand the posh accent a Bennewith usually converses in.
Did you read this new Novel? Capital S? It must have been written by a Bennewith!
by Miss Elle Jay August 11, 2011
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