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A lazy good for nothing, chav who's idea of smart dress is baseball caps, trakky bottoms, thick gold chains. The average Benefit Barry has no intention of working, claiming they have a bad back or they get dizzy spells. Instead they sponge from the state and relieve us, the tax payer, of all that hard earned cash just so they can get a free car, free house and the latest lacoste footwear from aunties catalogue which of course will never get repaid. They can usually be found walking up and down the Parade in Donnington waiting for the post office to open. Once they've withdrawn the lot they will sprint next door to the off licence for the days alcoholic fix, next is the chippy for a slap up dinner then finally the bookies with whatever they have left. If they win, it's on to the pub!
I've been in this post office queing for nearly an hour now. I just need my car tax. It's full of Benefit Barry's who don't have the intelligence to open a bank account or are blacklisted from them all.
by Roger red hat August 27, 2008
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