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The guy who thinks he's cool because he works at a "private' golf course but all he does is clean golf carts. He has trouble waking up in the morning, and he is always hungry. Short-tempered, snores in his sleep and occasionally drools, hates drugs, alcohol, cheating, peach rings, and strawberries, thicc af, looks Asian without glasses, takes pictures of buildings because they look cool . Likes his rice how he likes his women: brown. Music taste is literally everything but country music. Plays League of Legends like the nerd he is (his favorite champion is Thresh), thrives off of puns and anti jokes, and he never wears sleeves. Overall he's boyfriend material, he's supportive, loving, funny, sweetest guy you will ever meet, social butterfly, buys you food, and gives his girlfriend all of the love in the world.
Becky used to think that my tail was big, but now she's smashing Ben Decker.
Ben Decker is a hoe.
by faglord3000 August 07, 2017
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