Getting shot many times by a lot of people all over the body, and still live.
The beginning of Tropic Thunder when he is lit up by all of the Vietnamese soldiers, if you watch the movie you will clearly see him pull a Ben Stiller.
by Geniusguy May 1, 2009
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National security threat under the laws,

Foreign agents too incompetent to realize Homewood health center isn't my doctor and Tom kotalik was required to resume care upon completion of hospitalization causing forced abortion drug trafficking and sexual assaults murders and extortionate robbery exclusion assault officially request charges for starvative torture. Peggy touched me.
Ben Stiller, Anson Liu, and Peggy Sue foot are terrorists and greedy glutinous Hellraisers
by Cody5050 January 29, 2022
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One of the funniest moments in the history of the Vanoss Crew, where Terroriser states that Ben Stiller is Batman instead of Ben Affleck.
Terroriser (In his Terminator voice while shooting Batman NPCs): HELLO! AHHH, FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU, BEN STILLER! FUCK YOU, BEN STILLER! COME ON, YOU FUCK!

Panda (After Terroriser kills them all): I have to point out something...BEN STILLER IS NOT BATMAN!

(Everyone starts laughing)

Terroriser: What? I SAID BEN STILLER??

Wildcat: Ben AFFLECK!

Terroriser: Ah, fuck! I called Zoolander "Batman"!

Panda: You stupid bastard!
by Someone who kinda exists March 9, 2022
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