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an illuminati Puppet a.k.a. Ben Affleck who directs propaganda the movie and promoting phony Kony 2012 with Jason (see kony 2012 celebs ) who also Defends TSA 'Dick Grabbing'. This youtube video is going viral and youtube is manipulating the viewer counter.
ignorant sheeple : "wanna go to the movie tonight? "

awake one from the Matrix : " yeah? who's in it? "

ignorant sheeple :" Ben Affleck "

awake one from the Matrix : " uh, u mean Ben Asslick! I mma BBA. "

ignorant sheeple : " BBA? "

awake one from the Matrix : " Boycott Ben Asslick. He is promoting UN genocide through Phony Kony 2012 & TSA Dick Grabbing. "

ignorant sheeple : " ........" ( awkward pose )
by Matrix, Follow the Rabbit hole October 27, 2012
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