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When a man shoots a dry puff of air out of his cock when climaxing and holds in all the jizz. This results in a whooshing of air towards the women that blow dries her hair if pointed towards the face.
Man 1: I thought Shandra had corn rows? She looks like my boy Einstein over there!

Man 2: Her hair looked tight earlier begore my boy Big John took her in the closet. No hiding the fact he gave her a Bemidji Blow Dry now. Judging by the fro' he didn't hit the Ion button either.

Man 1: Aaahhhh. That's why she's running her hand through her hair. Crazy still can't figure out nothing came out but the poof. Big John's got more air than the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man!
by Elizabeth Shue February 20, 2013
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