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When a male is engaged in sexual intercourse and instead of ejaculating on her face, he punches her in the face and shouts, "BELUGA HEIGHTS!!!". His friend then jumps out of the closet with a video camera and shouts, "J-J-J-J-J-RRR!!!". A random stranger may or may not enter the room screaming, "JASON DERULO!!!"
Guy: "I'm Cumming!!!"

Girl: *closes eyes, opens mouth*

Guy: *punches girl in face* "BELUGA HEIGHTS!!!!!"

Girl: "OOOOOWWWW!!!" "What was that for?"

Guy's Friend: "J-J-J-J-J-RRR!!!"

Girl: "What the hell is going on?" "Is that a camera?"

Random Stranger: "JASON DERULOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Girl: "Somebody KILL ME!!!" *weeps*
by White Guy on a Bike July 12, 2010
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