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The best Nigerian girl you'll ever meet. She is funny, friendly, lively, smart, just over all amazing. If you have her as a friend, don't break that friendship, you'll never find a girl like her any where else. But, there is some consequences. Don't mess with her, she'll argue, fight, kick, punch, and smash till she gets her way. She can be very, very, very stubborn but, she only is if she honestly hates you that much. She doesn't fight her friends so get to know her and get on her good side. She's very shy when you meet her but opens up when you actually get to know her. So don't waste your time and find you an Nigerian girl, specifically one with the name Beluchi.
Stranger: Yooo, is that your friend?
Friend of Beluchi: Um, Yes. Do I know you?
Stranger: You don't have to. What's her name?
Friend of Beluchi: Beluchi. Why?
Stranger: Oh , My , God! She's a keeper. I wish I was you Man. Dont mess that friendship up bro, you won't find anyone else like her in on your life.
by AnonymousNigerian March 25, 2017
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