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1. A struggling high school in eastern Suffolk County. It has a poor administration with the leadership of Bob Chakar and Dr. LaFever. Apparently the source of qualifed administrators is in Upstate New York.

2. Built in the 1960s, in response to a fire that severely damaged what is now the current middle school. Has had civil unrest in the early 1970s from race riots held in the school and student walkouts in response to the oppressive administration at the time.

3. A school well-known for Football, Vollyball, Track, Cross Country, and Basketball.

4. A school that for a while was improving its academic performance.
I graduated from Bellpor High School, now I can succeed.
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A shitty ass school in a mad broke town the best teacher there definitely mr bux and ms Smith can go shove a flamingo up her ass and ms roach head like judge Judy
Bellport High School sucks complete ass cheeks can’t even go on field trips
by Penisowner18394 November 21, 2018
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