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A town on the eastern edge of Queens and New York City. Its primarily white and indian and its composed of two parts north of the Cross island or south of the cross island. The north side is spaced out tudors and attached houses before commonwealth and the south side is mainly colonials with quiet streets. It's right in the middle of everything and it's not to far from everything by car. You can be in the city in 25 minutes and be in long island in 5 minutes. Bellerose is a quite place that no one knows where it is but drives through it all the time.
Bellerose Kid: Yo I live in queens
non-Bellerose Kid: what part
Bellerose Kid: Bellerose, Queens
non-Bellerose Kid: Yo where is that?
by August 10, 2017
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A rich town in Queens, New York. Full of snobby kids who drive to school in their BMW's and other ridiculous cars. There are way to many cliques to name. They go to Union Tpk, 7 Eleven or hang out when theres nothing to do, otherwise one of them just has a party in they're huge ridiculous houses. Filled with movie theaters and games rooms, and tennis courts and basketball courts in their high back yards. On a summer night they are all at Union Tpk or eating at "Nobu". They have no worries because daddy always saves them with any amount of money for the damage they have done. They are all spoiled and the closer to Long Island you live, the more money they have. This is why they have HUGE house parties.
Outsider: Yo bro this neighborhood is crazy

Kid That Lives In Bellerose: Yea, I know bro welcome to Bellerose, Queens!
by Alex Longwalker September 26, 2018
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