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The religion whose deity is none other than the exalted Matthew Bellamy, the lead singer of English rock band, Muse. Bellamism entails the complete and utter worship of Matt Bellamy and acceptance of all his views and opinions. One must completely throw themselves at the feet of his greatness and recognize their insignificance in the world compared to such a divine being. The embracement of his intrinsic altruism is also requisite and an affection for the Kaoss Pad is also recommended as a worship practice, although a strong affection for guitars, namely Mansons is also acceptable. Worship includes staring for hours on end at pointless youtube videos of all things Matt Bellamy, from his craziest performances, to videos of him giggling. Synonymous with obsession. A Bellamist also looks down on all other religions as pathetic, as Matt Bellamy could fry Buddha with one zap from his kaoss pad equipped laser-dick

Person: "Are you a Christian?"
Bellamist: "Fuck that"
Person: "But Jesus can walk on water dude"
Bellamist: "Dude........Stockholm Syndrome"
Person:....."Fuck Jesus"
by museee April 30, 2010
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