Bell Man is a person at a Hotel, that Greets a Guest With Courtesy and Sophistication. Entering into a Social contract with the Guest to assist him with Bags in Exchange for a Tip. These men are needed at the Hotels, to help the Rich feel Superior and give them a Person to talk Down To. But the Bell Man Doesnt Care, as their 100 Dollar Tip, goes into there Bank and builds there net worth. So in most Cases, the Bell Man Always Wins, as the Guest BankRupts on Craps and Roulette. And then His Wife Files For Divorce when they Return Home because he lost there Kids College Tuition. Then at Check out the Bell Man goes to the Room, with a Smile Takes there Bag back to their Car Gives them a Smile as his Wife Calls Him a Loser. Then the Bell Man says thank you for Staying with Us Come Back Soon. That's the Definition of a Bell Man
Guest: Hey Bell Man Get My Bags out of my Trunk!
Bell Man: Ok Sir! I will get it out of your Trunk. How long will be Staying?
Guest: Why do you Care Boy? if you get my Bags up in Ten Minutes i will tip you 100 bucks.
Bell Man: I will get it up Right Away. Thank you For Staying with Us See You Soon
by Igotwords123 September 6, 2020
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When two existing all-male human centipedes are further sewn together at the wangs using a space-docking arrangement, thus forming an easily climbable rope-ladder like apparatus.
We threw Trav's gay porn on the roof to stop him being such a fag, but he just built a Bell's Man-ladder to climb up and get it.
by NormB November 11, 2011
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Could you ring me please
Please ring me dear friend
please bell a man bruv
oi bruv bell a man
by GoonerJD March 7, 2011
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