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The believing theorem consists of three basic believes one should follow: 1. If you believe you will achieve, 2. If you believe you will receive, and 3. If you believe you will deceive. This theorem is widely accepted by many scientists who have spent their whole lives researching this wondrous topic and has yet to be denied by general belief. One must truly believe in the theorem for one to experience and succumb to its full effect.
Example 1.

Selena: Why do you think so many people don't win the lottery each year, Mel?

Mel: It's particularly simple, Sel. All there is to it is the Believing theorem.

Selena: Woah! What is that?

Mel: Not enough people do believe, so they don't receive.

Selena: It all makes sense now.

Example two:

Kid: I don't think I can win the food competition, mom.

Mom: Why not honey?

Kid: I can't can't eat two thousand cookies mom. I'm only nine.

Mom: Baby, like your grandfather, used to say " If you believe you will achieve. "
Kid: Woah... It all makes sense now. You are right mom!
by Carla.pickel June 01, 2018
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