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Similiar to a Belgian Chocolate Pump, but with one added pump of delicious chocoloate

Several weeks supply of liquid shit are stored, and kept liquidy via constant stirring

Attaching this shit to a firemans hose the goodness is then pumped out toward the arsehole of th participant, attempting to fire as much of the liquidy shit inside him as possible

Ultimately the nozzle is forced inside the anus while liquid shit is pumped inside

To make it a double pump the nozzle is quickly removed
and liquid shit is then pumped out of the anus onto the face and body of the person with the hose
Jas: Er dude what are you doing with all that stored liquid shit

Rose: I dno man i just thort it wud b cool to keep it around

Jas: man why dont we have a belgian chocolate pump

Rose: fuck that for a game of chinese checkers with a kebab afterwards, why not make it a belgian DOUBLE chocolate pump

Jas: dude you blow my mind

Rose: and you blow my cock
by Reverend Pope September 11, 2009
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