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When a company/individual lies to you promising to make good on their faulty products/services .Once your back is turned,the company lies on you,screwing you royally by lying to their superiors and treating you/talking to and of you as though you are a 2nd class citizen,leaving you holding the bag knowing they screwed you and couldn't care less about your effort/predicament.
When I used Home Depot's best paint in my living room and kitchen at $29/gallon,it peeled off within two days.It tore up my walls something fierce.It came off in sheets literally.The peeled paint was rubbery,like a Stretch Armstrong doll from the 70s.

Glidden's company rep Josh Ledet came to my house and admitted the paint was faulty.I told him they were going to hire a contractor to finish my house interior,as I had spent 3 months repairing my drywall.

In his report he lied on me,saying I didn't use primer.I went to Home Depot corporate ( who also treated my like Im second class ) and showed them proof (videos and photos).Home Depot refused to reprimand him and sided up with him,totally screwing me in the process.

Want to see this in action? Go to YouTube and search Glidden Paint Review,not Reviews. There you'll see 4 videos of me peeling it off my walls in sheets.

Glidden and Home Depot,burn in hell for all eternity.

This is "Being Gliddened"
by Helluva nice guy July 02, 2013
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