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To be the biggest dick on earth. Usually Dylans tend to have muscles and an ego the size of an elephant. They dont tame well and girl like to stay away when someone preforms acts of a Dylan. Anyone who is a Dylan usually has no friends and and is most likely hiding a tiny dick that he claims to be huge. To be a Dylan means you will stop at nothing to lie about yourself to look cool. To be a Dylan means your friends come last and your copy everyone to fit in.
"Kyle was being such a Dylan showing off his muscles to that girl he ditched us for"

Wow Sam was being such a Dylan yesterday when he dumped that hot chick and threatened to beat her up!

(Someone Being A Dylan) "Dude my dad just bought me a new AR-15 and a Dirty Harry 6 shooter! To bad you can never see it because its plated with gold and its put away in my mansion"
by pedomonkey April 16, 2012
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