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1. A web hosting "company" that now is no longer in service. They offered free Linux-based hosting with shell access, which is extremely rare, were funded by donation, and tried to be somewhat "community" driven.

2. An idea that seems good and noble, but in fact, is doomed to never be successful due to its inherit naivete.
Let's start a company that gives all its profits to create better educational systems for unprivileged children!

Well, that'd be nice and all, but it's a total beige tower. I'm not going to invest in it.
by Isaac Z. Schlueter May 03, 2008
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The best webhost ever. Offers free MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, email, and web hosting with a dozen dedicated servers in multiple datacenters. Community based off IRC and forums.
My webpage is hosted for free at
by Jazzy April 23, 2004
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