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A group of skateboarders who mostly reside in and around Lansing Michigan. They often refer to themselves as the "Behady Mob" or to a single member as a "Behady goon" (or just simply "goon".) Their skill in skateboarding apparently doesn't transfer over to their schooling. Most of the members of Behady didn't go any form of higher education, some didn't even finish high school. Because of this, most of them have working class jobs and can often be seen asking friends and occasionally strangers for money. Their local hub, also referred to as the "Behady Trap", is Ranny Skatepark on the boarder of Lansing and East-Lansing. Quite a couple people dislike Behady, but most tend to keep it to themselves.
Person 1: I saw Behady up at Ranny skatepark yesterday.
Person 2: They're assholes
by MSPF February 27, 2013
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