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Someone who does not EVER return favors, offerings, thanks, or gratitude for items, objects, or encouragements given by a close or personal friend. This person is the one that steals your last penny and never even say thanks or return it. No matter what they possess, they will never give the penny, nor an equivalent of such back. They will never admit, either, to owing you anything given, as they are takers ONLY!!!
I was smoking a cig and this crackwhore just comes outta no where and takes my cig., the proceeds to take a drag of it and gives me a sob story of her druthers, as tho I cared, and when I pointed this fact out to her, she then calls me a fucking bitch and throws my cig. at me and goes back into the bar complaining to others about me pointing out she could NOT BEGGATRON off of me.

One should not go through life as a BEGGATRON and expecting respect.

A BEGGATRON came by the store the other day asking for freebies, I told her to come back when her baby daddy food stamps got sent.
by Olive_SoulFixer_420 November 30, 2013
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