That's an a priori presupposition that there is no "time" outside of OUR spacetime or that there can only be ONE TIME at a time. It's like saying a watch can't be created in a clock tower. I would posit that there MUST be an a-spacetime state of reality where things can happen independently from time OR outside of our space-time there must be some superordinate space-time.
Iam "And I think the watch in a clock tower analogy works perfectly because for the singularity that preceded the big bang to exist it must either exist independently from time (a-space-time reality) or it must exist within the confines of some sort of 'superordinate space-time.' So, the time that the watch keeps has nothing to do with the time that the clock tower keeps. It (the clock tower) existed before OUR time and must exist for the singularity to exist or even DO anything. How can a singularity explode into space-time if time doesn't pass for the explosion to occur?"
by Hym Iam April 3, 2023
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