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An eating disorder, which only occurs with binge drinking, characterized by a refusal to eat due to an irrational fear of "food getting in the way of my booze".

Signs & Symptoms:

- refusal to eat for the duration of drinking time

- marathon drinking (>8 hours)

- preoccupation with drinking alcohol & socializing

- pushing food around a plate

- leaving entire plates of food uneaten

- reports of "fullness" after only a few bites

- consumption of only snack or sweet foods

- often seen in conjunction with the psychological symptoms of ATS Syndrome

The only cure is sobering the f*** up.
"You want a burger?"
"Nah, workin on beerexia over here. I don't need that food ruining my drunk."

"Are you hungry?"
"Nah, got that beerexia. I'm stuffed on beer."
by ATS Syndrome Sufferer December 06, 2011
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