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Beerble Thumper (beer-buhl-thuhm-per)
Noun: (1) an overzealous advocate of craft beer fundamentalism; (2) an overly enthusiastic or aggressive exponent of craft beer.

Slang: beer douche.

Any conversation with these people quickly leads to them explaining every little detail about the beer they, you and anyone in sight is drinking and how they have forgotten more about beer than you will ever know.

The conversation is usually finished by them inferring that you should respect the beer and appreciate that you have been given the opportunity to drink it, or worse, collect it and stare at it.
Guy #1: Dude, thanks for saving me from that conversation.

Guy #2: No worries, it looked painful.

Guy #1: Yeah, that dude immediately jumped into how the beer i was holding was a limited release IPA that was brewed in the traditional style with non-traditional ingredients. He wanted to know if I could pick up the subtle notes of Pine Thistle on the transition.

Guy #2: Fucking Beerble Thumpers.
by ErikBoles December 21, 2011
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