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Beer and Bon Bon day is an intermittent semi annual holiday revolving around the need for a day where you do nothing but consume alcoholic beverages and/or beverages of high sugar/caffeine content and eat food items that are lacking in nutritious value, high in fat/sugar/salt content and are extremely satisfying to the pallet. It can be declared to treat broken hearts, loss of jobs, death of beloved hamsters, etc.

You do not only have to consume beer and bon bons, there are too many great mixtures to be limited to this one food item; margaritas and chicken McNuggets, spiked spiced apple cider and cupcakes, etc. As a matter of fact alcoholic beverages do not have to be consumed on this day, but it has been proven to make the process more enjoyable.

Best friends and laughter are a must. Pre-stocking of liquor and food is also imperative unless you plan on having a DD. If this is an emergency Beer and Bon Bon day then friends should bring you the supplies needed and you should start ASAP.

1.Calories do not count today!
2.You should not become belligerently drunk, this will not help the situation.
3.If you are watching a movie and it makes you cry, turn it off!
4.No Debbie Downers allowed!
5.Laughter is essential.
6.Picture texts may be sent to close friends/family but no Facebook Mobile Uploading without prior sober consent.
7.It is okay to make a “to do” list and not accomplish one thing except consuming an entire box of Oreos.
Girl 1: My boyfriend is moving to Japan.
Girl 2: I think we need a Beer and Bon Bon Day!
Girl 1 Do you remember the 1st B & BB day?
Girl 2: The 1st intermittent semi annual B &BB day was February 15th 2010 in Roseville CA. It was an epically legendary success!
by Bessie Lou February 16, 2010
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