A tasty late-night treat or party food essentially made of chunks of deep-fried pizza dough invented in DeKalb, IL mostly for broke students from Northern Illinois University. It's usually served with a dipping side of marinara or pizza sauce, but can also be served with a cheese or garlic butter sauce or sprinkled with or dipped in cinnamon-sugar.

The one constant at NIU.
Guy 1: "Dude, I'm so wasted!"
Guy 2: "yeah, Let's get some food."
Guy 1: "I'm almost broke"
Guy 2: "Let's get some beer nuggets then."

PartyGuy: "Hi, I'm from another school, what's that?"
NIUGirl: "Beer nuggets."
PartyGuy: "What's 'beer nuggets'?"
NIUGirl: "What? You've never heard of 'beer nuggets'?"
by wyld_stallyns April 13, 2008
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Large piece of shit only occurring after a night of heavy drinking.
A drank a 12 pack, then left a beer nugget in the john.
by Sam and Accomplice July 21, 2007
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