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A drinking game based around making a whistle-like sound from blowing onto the top of your beer bottle.

Each person starts out with a long sip, then the person with the highest pitch (drank the least) needs to set the new low pitch by drinking. This person then blows into their bottle to give the other players the new pitch, and solely based on the sound of the pitch, the other players must then chug and attempt to match the new low pitch. After the chug, everyone playing blows into their bottle and the player with the highest pitch needs to set the new standard, and you're on your way!
If at any time the new standard is the finishing of the bottle, all players must finish their beers to win. Anyone who does not finish in one chug loses.

Many find Beer Flute to be a great game because of its musicality, and its ability to become more versatile (and more fun) with more players.
"Hey dude, you want to play a round of Beer Flute?"
"Beer Flute? That's the best game ever!"
by Chad69 May 19, 2009
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