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An expression of delight at the quality of something. Can be said with an extended emphasis on the word beef and is multifunctional in its use. Feel free to replace jack with rat, cat or hat and must be said with vigour. Originates from Borat's phrase "fat cat" in description of the good life lived by a privileged few. This developed into fat rat, and then beef rat based on the universal appreciation for the meat from a cow. This manifested into beefjack due to it's proximity in sound to beef jerky and this has seemingly stuck as the chosen phrase. Use wisely
Steve: " Mate, you been watching Red Dwarf recently?"

Joe: "Oh yeah, it's a bit of a beefjack!"

"I'm a big fan of the band Suede, they're a bit of a beefjack."
by Texas Paolo December 02, 2009
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