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1) beefhoss = a person of colossally caricatured large, squarish, muscular proportions... oftentimes emitting an aura of indomitable physical power and endurance.

2) Beefhoss = Chicago-area superhero ally to Captain Fuck Yes in his quest to vanquish bad times and The Crimson Pope
1) beefhoss...

Friend #1: "Holy crap! Did you ever see the Governor of California before he was governor? He was huge!"

Friend #2: "Yea, but he'll never look like the Hulk would in real life... Hulk's a frickin' beefhoss, yo!"

2) Beefhoss...

"Shit! This party sucks... we need someone to save it! But if Captain Fuck Yes isn't here to stop The Crimson Pope, maybe Beefhoss can help us?!!?"
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