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One of those wankjackets who constantly patrols the corridors looking for menial reasons to be disproportionally angry about. Usually hailing from the north east of england the beadle will never reach full maturity and will be dammed to a sexually replusive 'inward willy' causing him a great sense of inadaquacy however breast feeding form the father until the age of 20 will transfer huge amounts of testosterone and results in a massivly inflated ego. Apart from genrally bitch moaning the beadles sole vocal ability is to announce his finincal status to employees who have already seen him coming and started to leg it.
beeedle (3 e's) can only be truly be understood by those who have met a beeedle however below describes a typical beeedle interaction.

Me: shit, beeedles in the corridor and the windows jammed closed.

Beadle: Moan moan moan.... you've done something wrong... fuck I'm rich and your not.

Me: fuck you beeedle
by Big Jim the man fae forrrrez! January 22, 2015
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