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Let me just tell you right now: beech is no high school to mess with. If you try to mess with the top school of Tennessee you’re really gonna get yourself hurt. Beech high school is the best kind of school you could ever go to with the best kind of people and sports and activities and a thousand other amazing things. Beech is actually rated the top middle Tennessee high school for the best ACT scores (no lie sorry sweetie) and best spirit for their amazing school. We aren’t “Whack” like some other disappointmenting schools *cough cough* Hendersonville High School / Station Camp. All I gotta tell you is that Beech is just overall better and you don’t have to be ashamed to be here unlike some other shamful schools but yea. Beech rule the nation. SHACKLE ISLAND FOREVER.
Unfortunately as sad as it is I’m a station camp bison but omg id give anything to be a part of the beech high school bucs because they are such a cooler school for SO many reasons.
by The reallll deal talker August 02, 2018
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