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BHS is located in the unknown three miles between Concord and Lexington. The school is divided into three factions.

The Locals-

Born and raised in Bedford, most are related to half the town and will go on to collage at Middlesex Community or if there lucky UMASS. All in all they are people who will go through twelve years of school getting average or bellow average grades, and will most likely live in Massachusetts for the rest of there life.

The Base Kids-
The base kids are divided into two sub-species the social people who are used to making new friends every four years and can adjust well. The other group are the strange ones who cope with the changes by just being flat out weird as FUCK. The Base kids make up 80% or more of the JROTC program that will most likely be shutting down in the next couple years. The base kids are ridiculed and singled out by the locals who are labeled as "Basists".

The Metco Kids-

The bus load of black kids from Boston who spice up the 90% white population. The guys are mostly decent other than a few who label themselves as "G" or "THUG". On the other hand the girls are flat out vicious. The black girls are loud and will attack if you get within three feet of them in the packed hallways.

Look its Bedford High School (MA), those kids look like tools but atleast there not RICA-CHIC whores or WAYLAND or CONCORD rich Holister wearing fucks. And the town has 34 banks and 26 hotels.
by Bedfordinian February 22, 2010
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