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Meaning: A Bitter, Soul Sucking, Possessed Ex who wants you back,

A Bedevilled Woman: Is sly and crafty, doing things like dropping your post to you at work at random times, She'll make it seem that she's doing you a favour when really it's just an excuse to see you, or sending emails and texts to pick up your stuff (WARNING) this is where she tries to lure you back to her lair, she may not (try it on) but watch out for tricky questions about your current affairs and relationships, like a witch possessed she'll eat your words and use it to her advantage and will try to remind you about the very few (good times) you used to have!

A Bedevilled Man: Is much less of a threat but far more irritating, He'll constantly remind you why he is awesome and all the cool things he's seen and done since the last time he contacted you, he'll always hug you in passing, and it'll be a confusing squeeze that makes you feel uncomfortable (so don't confuse a Bedevilled man, with an Ex who is still a friend) a tell tale sign of the Bedevilled man, is that 1. He's still telling his friends you where the best at certain sexual endeavours! 2. He's trying to rub your nose in his awesomeness and constantly bringing up topics you like or things you enjoy.
Bedeviled Woman

Guy 1: She came to bother me at work today and with a load of my post!

Guy 2: Shit dude, couldn't she have just dropped it off at yours? That is one Bedeviled Ex!

Bedeviled Man

Girl 1, I'm so sick of him going on and on about how awesome he is!

Girl 2, I know right, I mean, if he was THAT awesome you'd still be together,

Girl 1, Yeah the guy's Bedeviled I swear!
by SilentWisper May 07, 2010
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