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Cultivating flirtatious relationships with multiple people at once to be sure of having a sexual partner and emotional caretaker lined up when the relationship/marriage you're in ends.

Usually done dishonestly, by people who are incapable of functioning without an audience giving them constant affirmation that they exist. Often indicates emotional immaturity and narcissism.

Bed-warming is most effective online, where real details of the bed-warmer's life and circumstances are not visible.
"Seriously? Check out his recently-added friends, they're all good-looking women. He's bed-warming."

"Dude, she's bed-warming. Don't take it personally. Or at least don't take it seriously."

"Do you like crowds? Because you're in one. He's bed-warming you and at least six other people."

"Run away. Bed-warmer. And married. And a pathological liar looking for a therapist/mommy/housekeeper/bill-payer/way out of the marriage."
by Hercules Grantwood January 19, 2012
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