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I have finally figured out what "Beyond" in "Bed Bath & Beyond" stands for... Yup, that's right, it's "Beyond Reasonable". As in, Good lord! The number and names of all these soap products is simply beyond reasonable!
Lynda: "Honey, I need to stop in Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some hand soap."

Marty: "Okay."

An hour later my checking account is -$200 as we walk out with a huge bag full of 12 different kinds of hand soap, 20 candles, 10 new shower puffs, and a new set of hand towels to go with the new hand soap...

Lynda: "I love that store."

Marty: "That was Bed Bath & Beyond Reasonable. Next time, can we just go to Safeway and get some Dial hand soap?"
by m_piet April 28, 2010
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