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After a Jame has been labled, he or she shall try and redeam themselfs by trying to act cool, further desolving there already horrible immage. They can reach this honored and hated title of Bebopajame threw these acts. Methodes of such defileing of ones self immage come about by talking big and threating an enemy from afar, but once confronted, cowarding out. Also a Bebopajame title also comes about from just the sheer time spent in the Jame state. This can seem quite irritating to some, as this effects there lifes. But rest assured irate Jame Viewers and victems, Bebopajame does have uses. Bebopajame tends to come across a few good matereal objects that can be exploited from him by a simple offer to trade for somthing. By bardering with this simple hobbit like incarnation, it would be good to make ties that run deep until the Bebopajame is sucked dry for all that it is worth.
"my Jame Evolved into Bebopajame!"
by Wrath Of Goat September 20, 2003
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