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The Great Imposter, faker and deciever, of otherwise good men, whose job it is is to thankfully keep us honest. He is not real, though believing him to be so, he will convince you he is and you will then believe it is so. The unholy sleep he induces can indeed deepen, but can never fully take one over without chance of waking, as nothing can lie outside of Infinite Love & Intelligence. Nightmares are infinite though also, and should be avoided at all costs.
Beazlebub is able to impersonate most politicians, some lawyers, too many doctors, Generals & Majors, bosses IN general, priests and holy men of every faith... Basically, anyone who thinks he's in charge but really isn't and has convinced himself he believes he is. Philosophers, psychologists, scientists and "school" "teachers" of all sorts (yes, even kindergarden teachers)... In short, he runs the world as we know it but, thank Dee-vine Providence, not as it truly is.
by Prof. Osled September 27, 2007
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