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A group of females from Beaver Dam WI, that althought think they are "hot shit" are just nasty sweaty icky people. Called McNastys because they can be compared to McDonalds; Fast, Easy, Cheap, Greasy and not good for ones health. Look at it this way, you dont CRAVE Mcdonalds, you go there when you need something fast and cheap. Like wise, nothing about this group of females are good. You just go to them when you need something fast and cheap, and like McDonalds, you deeply regret it after the deeds been done.
Bob: "Damn jason i need some easy poon tonite"
Jason: "Why dont you hit up one of them Beaver Dam McNastys, theyll be naked and spred before you even ask!"
Bob: "Good idea!"
by FTFO July 08, 2011
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