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A fan of the band Hot Chelle Rae. Beautiful freaks are one of the nicest fanbases around, unlike the dreaded Directioners.

~Also known as Fire Starters~
Interviewer: So what's it like, being a Beautiful Freak?
B.F.: Oh, it's the best. The bandmates love us just as much as we love them.
Interviewer: So it's a good fanbase, then?
B.F.: It's more than a fanbase - it's a family.
by SwagAndYoloAreDumb November 06, 2012
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We are those sexy bitches who don't take anyone's shit and love Hot Chelle Rae with all of their heart. There's a huge difference between being a Hot Chelle Rae fan and a Beautiful Freak. When a person really loves Hot Chelle Rae, they are beautiful freaks...beautiful freaks are that one juicy group who doesn't live without them. Beautiful Freaks are that one group who supports Jamie, Ian, Ryan, and Nash no matter what. Beautiful Freaks are that one group who doesn't leave them because they're not perfect, but loves them even more cause of their flaws. Beautiful Freaks are Hung Up on Hot Chelle Rae.
"Dude did you see those people?! I heard they're stalkers of Hot Chelle Rae!!!" They're Beautiful Freaks.
HCR talking about us Beautiful Freaks

1) Dude, you see those person? I heard they are stalkers of Hot Chelle Rae. They're Beautiful Freaks
2)"you are what keeps me going. we always talk about in this band of course we want to be rich and stuff who doesnt! but i would do this if i got to play for 50,000 people a night i would do this in the whitevan were in right now. we always talk about how the money doesnt even occur to us its always about the fans always has been and always will be. we will always be out there at our own merch table reguardless of how big or not we are thats our favorite part about the whole thing is meeting you guys."
- Jamie Follese
3) “…we will never take our unbelievable fans for granted. I think about it everyday.” -Ryan Follese
4) ”We’ve been doing this for a long time and it’s very humbling to take that long to make it and to be at this point, to be at this level,” Ryan says. ”I don’t take a single fan or a single autograph or a single encounter for granted because we didn’t have that for so long.” ”I feel very fortunate and grateful; I’m incredibly indebted to my band and our team of people that have made this whole thing possible.” - Ryan Follese
5) "Seeing tweets from fans proclaiming, “Our eyes locked!” or something of the like is a goal they always strive to achieve."
by JamieFollesexy June 04, 2013
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