If you call a straight Male beautiful you are telling him you think he is ugly.
"Hey jimmy you are a beautiful guy."
"At least I'm not as ugly as your mom."
by Darkcracker69 April 5, 2020
That's you! I was right the first time. The Kira archetype character.
Hym "Yeah, yeah no I get it now! You ARE the beauty guy! I was right the first time! Iam you're shuuji again."

Iam "Aww you were saying some pretty..."

Hym "Yes, yes you're very sad and depressed. We get get it. I'm in the middle of something."

Iam 😒 "......."

Hym "Beauty guy! That's hilarious! No I totally get it though. You know how I figured it out? Guess. If you're the beauty guy then what does that mean? You know what that means. That's funny. That's a funny thing for him to do as one of my personal heroes, he did a funny. You know he was a narcissist right? Makes a lot of the shit you talk a little projection-y don't you think? I donno... Ha! Delicious!"
by Hym Iam July 30, 2022