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(N.) “Beau Hunk” was commonly used to describe a “Stud Muffin” or very handsome man of Bohemian decent. In the early 20th Century, through 60's, people actually knew there was such a country of Bohemia. Bohemia became part of Czechoslovakia after World War I. There were many immigrants to the United Sates from this country in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. As generations aged the term “Beau Hunk” faded from popularity. You can often times hear the term referenced in Hollywood movies of the time. The term Beau Hunk can be used in general terms as a tag name and as a complimentary term.
(A.) Today most people have no idea of the history of Bohemia and often use the term in an adjective form, describing a free spirit with a unique style.
No, I’m not Polish; I’m half Bohemian, half Irish. My great grandfather and great grandmother met arriving at Ellis Island in 1895. I'm a Beau Hunk!
Question of national Heritage: What are you? Answer: I’m a Beau Hunk.
Woman talking to friend: “I was downtown today shopping at Marshall Field’s and met a nice Beau Hunk behind the counter.”
Retail house wares Ad: Our store carries only the finest Bohemian Chrystal and china.
The adjective: He is quite the musician, with a Bohemian style.
Musical Reference: “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen (1975)
by RXH1113 July 05, 2009
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