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A blue version of Martian Mud which is used in the treatment of Middleton's Disease. It is made by mixing Martian Mud with fresh violets. It also often smells of violets. Beatrice Middleton made this not long ago when her when her adopted grandson, Bryant Hollifield, wanted another massage cream. You will love Beatrice Blue. Its not just for Middleton's Disease, it also works well in full-body massage. So if your Gunny Granny tells you she loves you, she might just rub you with some Beatrice Blue.
Beatrice: Hey sweetie, do you want a massage? I got your Beatrice Blue!

Bryant: Oh, that's just Martian Mud. We use that all the time.

Beatrice: Oh no, this is isn't just Martian Mud. Remember the special blue Martian Mud we made? This is the Beatrice Blue. (she starts massaging Bryant with it) I know you like it full-body, so here we go! Now that's creamy.

Bryant: This is great. A nice way to ease up before a game. A great way to warm down when you're tired out. Beatrice Blue rocks.

Beatrice: It sure does. Now, I need some. Massage my feet?

Bryant: Gunny Granny, you know it! I'll even do your Moon Stretches on top of that. (Bryant starts rubbing her feet with the Beatrice Blue) See, it works this way. The blue comes from the kidneys. And we massage the energy all over your body. Now, the healing blue is within you. (He makes a chureee sound)

Beatrice: Oh my God, a foot massage in a qigong workout at the same time?! Nice. I think this works nicely.

Bryant: Sure does! Even on your blue. (points to her Spider Veins) Remember the blue?

Beatrice: (laughing) Yes, my blue veins. I know what you mean. This is fresh and new. Its nothing less than the Beatrice Blue!
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 20, 2011
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