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The third branch of the Beatmania series.

This version is similar to Beatmania by using the 5 key format, but it also contains a foot pedal. (Using it is optional) There is also a disk drive to save game records, a headphone jack, and the cabinet is really tall and has a bunch of lights compared to an original Beatmania game.

This game is a DJ simulator where you press the keys and scratch the turntable with the corresponding notes on screen. To be good at this game, you have to be good at playing music, and you will quickly have to learn the format of the notes that scroll down the screen.

Beatmania III is extremely rare in the U.S. (except in California).

The Beatmania III series contains the following versions:

Beatmania III
APPEND Core Remix
APPEND 6th Mix - The UK Underground Music
APPEND 7th Mix - Keepin' Evolution

(The APPEND version are the Beatmania version but with all the features of BM3.)
Beatmania III, in TEXAS!!!?!?!
by A.R.T February 11, 2004
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