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A festival who's occupants are often mild quiet living people who decide to get off their head for the weekend. If you see an old teacher for example with the gurn of the century on, it stays at BEATHERDER.a festival that is the last of its kind with many people dancing with a hint of confusion about their life's. Around 50% of people will leave with the beatherder logo tattooed onto their body 20% of those usually have it on their ass for their future husband/wife to enjoy. Don't worry though a very friendly atmosphere as everyone is also as fucked as you. Please be warned drug muffling is easy.
"I got so fucked up at beathearder this year" or "did you see that guy at BEATHERDER? I was blowing up my bed with a foot pump, he offered me his electric one for a ten bag - what a guy"
by Bobs your teapot July 03, 2015
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