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According to the beat text guide, a beat text is ANY message sent after the hour of 12 midnight to the opposite sex. It may encompass such phrases as "Hey, what are you doin", Are you up", or can even go as bold as to say" What are you wearing"( That should only be used for someone you know is :
a. A freak
b. A slut
c. Some combination of the two
d. All of the above( I know it sounds weird)
It may also be some other phrases that entails" I am on the way"
It's reply should always be a simple yes or no. If the answer is no, you are allowed a maximum of 37 minutes to try and coax a yes. After 37 minutes, you are simply to play it off. The hours can only be moved up for EXCESSIVE alcohol consumption, in which case, anytime you are at your most drunken state, you may initiate a beat text.The hours are not moved for any event such as the superbowl, NBA games, College football, nor 24.
It's 12:30 and I'm horny. I think I'll send ol girl a beat text and see if I can get some.
by J Boi of Fab 5 January 24, 2008
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