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Noun. Also known as BW.

An African-American female with beast-like qualities. An extremely arrogant and uncouth female that is more suited for a zoo than a civilized society. The life of a Beast Woman is nothing more than a never-ending chain of nigga moments.

Common characteristics include a trigger-happy temper, frequent loud skawking, neck-twisting, finger-snapping and exaggerated gestures, and the more-than-the-occasional all-out brawling.

Not to be confused with a Black Woman (also known as BW), although, in the right circumstances, the Black Woman will turn into a Beast Woman, however temporarily.
Jackson: LOL! Hey, wake up, man! You alright?

Tyrone: ...ugh...What the hell just happened?

Jackson: You just got knocked the fuck out by a Beast Woman!
by BlackMan'sTruth May 16, 2011
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