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Term used for defining the fact of the matter that Call of Duty: Black Ops is the beastiest game ever created in the history of human existence and there might possibly never be something to compare it to.

This term can also be used when referring to someone that is soooooo beast at Black Ops.
Person 1: Man I can't wait to go home and play some Black Ops, it's the best game ever created!!!!

Person 2: If you think Black Ops is so awesome then it technically is Beast Ops!

Person 1: Man while playing Black Ops last night, (insert PSN name here) kept killing me with a sniper on Nuketown!

Person 2: He must have been playing Call of Duty: Beast Ops instead of Black Ops. They both connect to the same servers though.
by OPS BEAST February 02, 2011
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