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A Cleary that purchases fine ham off Hamlin. The hunt off children, and fine jewelry,How did it get the name Beasent?
Because of the most famous Hamlin who got nerds thrown at it. Cleary's can befound in the amazon or a small town in New England. They are dangerous creatures. Be aware; Kanye West recently just made a song called H.A.M which the song is based on his encounter with a Hamlin, Before He embaressed Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV music awards.
They attack under pressure and know intense fighting skills taught to them by Bruce Willis, from Die Hard. They can also eat large amounts of food.
"Honey the Beasent has attacked the neighbors gay son today, dont worry honey im on the phone with my boss, he's giving me a raise in gum." Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!" says the fat bitch.
by bemnarks February 03, 2011
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