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This word is used to describe the biggest idiot in your entire life. A Beardy McBaoMa is someone who drives a BMW, loves to drift, and has a beard that's even bigger than his ego. He enjoys long drives into the sunset with anyone named Hannah, and he's willing to have a bromance with anyone who owns a motorcycle. Beardy McBaoMa is allergic to anyone named Payge or Ashley, so if that happens to be your name, you'd have a better chance at jumping the Grand Canyon on a tricycle than dating him.
Did you just see him pull a Beardy McBaoMa on her? Awww hell no!

"Beardy McBaoMa is so dreamy. I love it when we go for romantic drives into the sunset." -Hannah

"What'a your name? Payge? Awwww hell no." -Beardy McBaoMa
by jluu November 24, 2016
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