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An act of revenge due to an unsatisfactory oral sex act.

A man and woman are engaged in simultaneous oral sex (69 with woman on top) and the woman is extremely aroused, therefore, leaving her vaginal excretions all over the mouth and face of her male partner. Little does she know, her female hygiene does not meet the man's standards, so he sweetly says, "Come here so i can kiss you," then proceeds to give her deep french kisses while smothering her with the foul stench of her own pussy juice.

also happens to be a breakfast dish at an East Hollywood diner.
Mike: How'd it go with that chick last night? Dude, she's smokin' hot.

Raymond: It was okay. She was suckin', i was lickin'... um. She's hot and all, but....

Mike: Aw, don't tell me... She stinks?

Raymond: Yeah. But its all good. I gave her the "Bearded Mr. Frenchy."

Mike: Awesome! Me next!

Raymond: No thank you.
by Mr. Chavez July 30, 2009
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